The last stop of my daughter’s Grad School Tour 2009 ended at this doorway, the Pratt Institute. There’s no way of knowing how the interview went until the letter comes, but the trip to New York City was a success. Lots of walking, including a pilgrimage to the trivium of the Apple Store, Tiffany’s, and MOMA.

I didn’t even bother to bring my Macbook this time, limiting myself to the iPhone and delivering the Eee PC to  Paige, who gained geek cred with every free wireless support call when she said, “No, not Windows or Mac–Linux.” The crazy thing was that they never could admit that the wireless wasn’t meant to be used with Linux. It would have crumbled their collective identity too much. The best part was that they then assumed she knew how to do things, like find and accurately read off the IP. I hate working through the script, don’t you? Scorecard: airport wireless=zero, hotel wireless=one.


So, no Macbook means I am still very behind on Project 365. I don’t want to give up, but I also don’t want to resort to filler. Let’s see if I catch up by the end of the month; if not, this will turn into Project Almost 365, or 75% is awesome, really.

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