The first photo was Wednesday, March 25th’s Versace window. I was mesmerized by its beyond-gaudiness. Truly, this is what one wears to watch Rome burn while holding a gilded violin. The gold stilettos had crystal-encrusted heels. Or were they diamonds? Could be.

I loved the many buildings that blithely planned for the ages with engraved or gold-embossed storefronts. Saks Fifth Avenue’s elegance contrasts nicely with  the bold color statement that seems to be a trend this spring. Interesting that the flagship store is Saks & Company, not Saks Fifth Avenue. All the others are defined as imitations and need the address attached to gain transplanted New York cache.

On the other end is the store made of glass and air. A circular glass staircase leads to the actual Apple Store and since it is open 24/7, it doesn’t matter that it is also permanently open to the elements.

Another outrageous jab at understatement (for first jab, see Versace photo), the Trump Tower doesn’t use gold or marble when gold and marble would do. Inside: more gold, more marble, and presumably, gold-plated marble.

Finally, The Empire State Building is being renovated, and I loved how someone felt the need for a huge tacky sign stating “The Empire State Rebuilding” when the original gold-embossed letters are still visible above, making the larger sign insignificant.

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