It’s time. As you can sees by the photo of  Pierre, who reluctantly does not pitch in because of his lack of opposable thumbs, the ENG 310 students turned in their initial drafts for the researched paper, the 621 students are gearing up their work on the Basic Writing Webtext, and if they haven’t already, the 625 students need to start putting together the portfolio elements into some kind of organizational structure whether in Google sites or on their blog (if it creates pages). I have my part to do for them as well. I need to write an introduction to the book chapter the 625 students are contributing to the edited collection and to do some fill-in writing on the Basic Writing Webtext. Things are wrapping up though, and the projects look good. I won’t link to anything now, but at semester’s end, I will ask permission to link to some of the portfolios.

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