I’m used to real-life crossovers in the SIms; the one I want to add on right now is the furniture and accessories pack for the Sims 2 from Ikea. Yes, after years of vaguely Ikea-like choices, your sims can now furnish their contempo-ish  or starter house from Ikea, just like real twenty or thiry-somethings do. Every now and them though, I see furniture in real-life that either has to be the real-life inspiration for a sim-designer’s work or that makes me wonder if real-life furniture designers are taking inspiration from the Sims. This is from the lobby of my hotel in Manhattan, Kansas (I’m here for my daughter’s BFA thesis show). I’m not sure which situation this set fits, but the lines are close enough to the Sims original and if anything, the hammered metal trim is even better than wicker in a real-life translation.

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