Does the long silence this week mean that it is finals week and that I am grading papers (done) and e-portfolios (not done)? Yes, it does. Will next week be better? Most likely not. My son is getting married on the 23rd and it means a two-part road trip. Part one is to drive six hours there and six hours back from Wichita to pick up my mother from her assisted-living facility. Part two is the actual drive from Springfield, Missouri to Bowling Green, Ohio.

Blogging will be, well, not daily for the summer, but I will try to post at least once a week. I think this means Project 365 is a no-go. Ah well. I learned quite a bit about how daily blogging affected my writing. For the most part it meant shorter, less reflective posts and more link-o-rama posts. That works, but it wasn’t really what I use blogging for. I felt like I didn’t have the energy for longer posts and I also know there were times I set aside ideas that couldn’t be thought through in one day. The April Poem a Day project was a success though, and it gave me thirty-three fresh poetry drafts to work on this summer.

So, those of you not on RSS readers, check in about once a week this summer. I predict that there will be plenty to write about.

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