Note: This is an archival post from my previous blog, Techsophist. The private blog for poetry month ended up being a bit of a dead end. It appears that the whole PAD challenge doesn’t work without an audience.

I will be doing the April PAD challenge, but I will be posting on a password-protected site that I created for the challenge called Poetry Wars. Why? Well, It does seem to defeat some of the purpose of this challenge, but in my return to sending out poems for publication, I’ve discovered that the lead journal on my hit list, Poetry Magazine, solves their “What counts as publication?” crisis by including everything—even any public posting at all, and that includes personal blog space. So…I will do the challenge privately so that I won’t be cut off from some of the best journals out there.

If you are interested in my drafts and are someone I know (colleague, student, former student, Twitterati, FB friend), send me a tweet @llcadle or ask me in person. I’ll give you the username and password. Essentially, this restriction puts me back in the days when I shared drafts by thrusting crumpled paper into semi-willing hands, but I also understand that Poetry wants value received and the degrees of “publication” can be shifty. Sure, I don’t have a lot of readers, but what about a well-known poet who blogs like Kim Addonizio? The divisions are not very clear cut, so I guess I don’t blame them.

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