I am moving all my resources to this domain after many years as Techsophist. That domain will go away in June 2012 when MobileMe lumbers off into the sunset. Bear with me as this gets set up. There will be a Moodle site also for my teaching.

3 thoughts on “Still Blogging

  1. I also like the WordPress plugin I added that gives about ten social software button choice and also lets you select where to put them. I selected Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ (+1) and attached the buttons to posts.


  2. I have a registered domain that has been inactive for the last couple of years (as I worked on my degree) but lately I’ve been thinking about reviving my space. If you don’t mind my asking, who do you register your site through? And are you happy with wordpress? I’m also interested in finding out more about Moodle . . . I’m going to do some investigating on my own but may want to pick your brain sometime soon.


    1. Dreamhost will register and host your domain. They also have one-click installs for a LOT of software, including WordPress and Moodle.


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