Another thing I wanted very much when I was a science fiction-loving child was a computer in my head. Just sign me up for the chip and I was for it, despite my going to a school district in California that had Orwell’s 1984 on their mandatory reading list for  7th grade. I’m still a bit in shock about it, but all the begging I did in print across multiple social media genres may have paid off. Less that 24 hours after I applied to be a Google Glass Explorer, I was accepted and now have to scrape up the money to buy it. As you may know from my previous post that begged, Pick me!, I want Google Glass very much and think it would be a great fit for research and creative projects that I am currently doing. Actually, I think it is a good fit for the kind of thinking about things I do every day, perhaps in ways others would not expect, such as how I go about writing poetry.

My process for poetry generation is very visual. A visual trigger is usually involved, and a textual leap from image or motion happens. I think Google Glass will turn into a natural part in that chain, and that it also will help me in using my natural invention process for digital poetry. I guess I’ll find out once I get it. Like most people, I don’t have $1725 plus exam and the cost of lenses just waiting around in my bank account. Well, I do, but it is spoken for by things like my house payment, utilities, school loans (they last forever), and that pretty car I drive. I am scrambling, but have hopes that I can put in my order next week and that the frames will still be in stock then.


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