20140426_153647_815It’s good to see the sun and the leaves filling in the empty spaces. Two more poems to go in the challenge. The poems so far are clustering into a viable book manuscript, something I did not dare hope for when I began this project. I wonder sometimes if all the photos and video clips help too. This blog is working admirably from my viewpoint as a shoebox, a place where I save ideas and images for when I need them later. I wonder though, if this is too centered on my need to save snippets and not directed out to an audience enough. I can’t put the poems up because that would make them unpublishable for many outlets. I can’t put the articles or webtexts here for the same reason. But I can do the scutwork here, the thinking, reasoning, and synthesis that leads to those more polished works, and I know that If I don’t, many of them would slip away wherever faded memory goes.