We return to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow

Sony agreed with me that the Cybershot was under warrantee and the problem was not my fault. I’m noting this because when does that ever happen? Well, it did. I will pick up my camera from the good people at Lawrence Camera tomorrow. Not to doubt all of the niceness and good-will here, but I will be also bringing the connecting wire with me to see if it attaches now. Not that I have doubts, but a camera that can’t charge or upload photos is not much of a camera.

If all goes well then, I will have my camera back for DMAC. Google Glass takes photos, but not with the range and flexibility of a freestanding camera with a good zoom. My smartphone was not a good substitute either.

20140501_072839_365On campus, running (well, walking really fast) to a 7:30 AM meeting in Plaster Student Union.

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