Sabbatical is done, and I am back to teaching three classes. This is my evening class, full of future middle school and high school English teachers, most of them in their last semester before student teaching. The reaction to Google Glass in this environment is interesting– a bit positive, and fairly curious about its applications for teaching. None are against having their photo taken, but, as usual, a photo taken by Glass gets different results than one taken by a handheld camera or phone. Emotion is clearer, and fewer people have “photo face,” whether good or bad. I did take the photo though, mainly so that they could hear the beeps and see the flash. That way they will know that Glass gives fair warning when it takes photos or video and does not do the “secret surveillance” that is so feared about it through media reports. All the same, at least one student in this photo seems surprised that it worked. That is why I extended my usual disclaimer into redundancy: “Glass can take photos and short videos. I am about to take a photo–I hope that is all right. I just took a photo. If you object to having your photo taken for personal or FERPA reasons, please let me know.”


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