Post-Glass post

[Photo taken while walking in the Missouri State campus wearing Glass] Sometimes I get a great idea and don’t have time to write about it at that moment. This is one of those times. It’s probably no secret that I was part of the Google Glass beta and that I used that time fairly purposely, looking for how a writer/composer would use the device. The end of the project by Google, no matter what they think they will do in the future, might look like the end of my writing about that experience in terms of composition theory. Well, no. If anything, it raised more questions for me. I’m thinking about why, why such a massive crash and burn when other, seemingly less promising devices catch on. I Have an Apple Watch now and think I may also have some answers. As usual, they have much to do with identity and boundaries.

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Author of the poetry collection The Tethered Ground and Professor of English at Missouri State University. Contact me for readings or for workshops on writing/publishing and on teaching writing online.

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