PAD Day 11

The Nature of Baking Baking is science and art. We know that. Recipes now give grams instead of cups and I should be okay with that, but I also know that recipes lie. Aunt Jenny doesn't tell how she used whole milk just like I don't tell that I use coconut milk. I mean to, … Continue reading PAD Day 11

PAD Day 8

A future poem. Very rough, but something, On Hearing the Song "In the Year 2525' in 2020 In the year 1969 we thought our short skirts would save us. Make love not war was the cry and a little magazine called Ms. did not exist until 1970, but the signs were there. Vietnam was our … Continue reading PAD Day 8

PAD Day 6

When Being Polite Is a Losing Game A COVID-19 Poem You can’t do everything right. In these times, the smallest thing can lead to disaster, which   has a new definition: death. Here is my list of what may kill me— not today, but in a week or two   when the danger is forgotten. … Continue reading PAD Day 6

PAD Day 5

This Is Also Spring   A moment can be a memory which makes me wonder if a moment can fail to be memory. Can I be so erased from time that seeing and hearing and yes, smelling the wind does not trigger other moments, make me remember another time, another wind like the sting from … Continue reading PAD Day 5

PAD Day 3

Follow that Star I spent my childhood mostly on wheels, roller skating or biking in circles at the end of our street, a row of Cottonwoods masking the tracks but not the sound of trains at night. I was in nature   yet not in it. The suburbs were like that, curved rows of ranch … Continue reading PAD Day 3