Videos featured at Potomac Review

The Potomac Review (link is to their page at Montgomery College) is a literary journal that although it is a print-journal, sees the advantages of keeping a blog in addition to its informational site. Also called The Potomac Review, the blog is far more full-featured than the community college-sponsored site, featuring writer interviews, book reviews, and frequent posts about events … Continue reading Videos featured at Potomac Review

Suiting up

Today was my day to suit up. I went on campus, signed some thesis pages, and began organizing the new projects generated by DMAC. Consequently, I don't feel like I actually did anything, but time spent planning out work is rarely wasted.

DMAC Showcase

Hard to believe that only yesterday I was at the showcase for DMAC. There were some wonderful final projects, and I am grateful to the participants who are sharing their links so that these projects can be viewed by my classes.