PAD Day 6

When Being Polite Is a Losing Game A COVID-19 Poem You can’t do everything right. In these times, the smallest thing can lead to disaster, which   has a new definition: death. Here is my list of what may kill me— not today, but in a week or two   when the danger is forgotten. … Continue reading PAD Day 6

PAD Day 5

This Is Also Spring   A moment can be a memory which makes me wonder if a moment can fail to be memory. Can I be so erased from time that seeing and hearing and yes, smelling the wind does not trigger other moments, make me remember another time, another wind like the sting from … Continue reading PAD Day 5

PAD Day 3

Follow that Star I spent my childhood mostly on wheels, roller skating or biking in circles at the end of our street, a row of Cottonwoods masking the tracks but not the sound of trains at night. I was in nature   yet not in it. The suburbs were like that, curved rows of ranch … Continue reading PAD Day 3