The launch for The Tethered Ground was January 20, 2020 on the Missouri State University campus in the Union Club at 6:00 PM. This seems so long ago now as I type this in January 2021. It was a good reading. There were cookies. The spring Moon City Reading Series season kicked off that evening with a dual reading by myself and and fellow faculty author Mara Cohen-Ioannides reading her fiction. By March, the series shut down to be reborn online. it was still live and that means it was recorded too, but the face-to-face book sales that happen in an actual room (and cookies!) were lost. Signing the book for a real person was lost too.

I had one more reading in Joplin before COVID -19 changed how we run the creative writing world, possibly forever. I am not scheduling in-person readings for 2021, but am open to web readings. Interested in a reading for your campus or coordinated with your bookstore? I am currently setting up 2021 readings. Woodley Press uses Ingram for distribution to bookstores and individuals can order through Amazon (here’s the page).