Note: This is a highlights version of my curriculum vitae. 

Dr. Lanette Cadle

Professor Emertius, English Department


Ph.D, English, Rhetoric and Writing, 2005
Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH
Research Areas: Computers and Writing, Girls Studies, Rhetoric and Composition, Science Fiction and Fantasy literature.
Dissertation: A Public View of Private Writing: Personal Weblogs and Adolescent Girls. Ohiolink ETD, (link to abstract with PDF full download available). 181 pages.
Dissertation Director: Kristine Blair. Committee members Bruce Edwards, Deborah Alvarez, and Radhika Gajjala

Master of Fine Arts, Creative Writing/ Poetry, 2001
Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH
Thesis: Speaking in Tongues. Thesis Director, Larissa Sporluk.

Bachelor of Arts in English, Creative Writing Option, 1998
Wichita State University, Wichita, KS

Selected Publications in Rhet/Comp

“TechnoFeminism: (Re)Generations and Intersectional Futures.” Computers and Composition, special issue on TechnoFeminisms: (Re)Generations and Intersectional Futures, edited by Dànielle Nicole Devoss, Angela Haas, and Jackie Rhodes. Transcript of a 90-minute multi-voiced interview of leading Technofeminists about the future of the field. Participants: Megan Adams, Kris Blair, Lanette Cadle, Radhika Gajjala, Gail Hawisher, Donna LaCourt, Lisa Nakamura, Cindy Selfe, Barbi Smyser-Fauble, Pam Takayoshi. Moderators: Dànielle Nicole DeVoss, Jackie Rhodes, Angela Haas. Print. March 2019.

“TechnoFeminism: (Re)Generations and Intersectional Futures.” Computers and Composition Online, Edited video from the print article in Computers and Composition. A multi voiced interview of leading Technofeminists about the future of the field. Print. March 2019.

Why I Still BlogKairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy. 18.3 PraxisWiki Section, August 2014.

Deploying 21st Century Writing on the Economic Frontlines. Eds. Lanette Cadle and Elizabeth Monske. A special combined issue of Computers and Composition and Computers and Composition Online.  Editor’s introduction to the web issue at March 2013.

Fighting the Fear: Plagiarism and Technophobia. Computers and Composition Online. February 2010. 18 web pages, 6338 words.

“Computers and Composition Online: Feminist Community and the Politics of Digital Scholarship.” (co-authored with Kristine Blair) Performing Feminism and Administration in Rhetoric and Composition Studies, Section V. Disciplinary Administration: Journals and National Organizations. Eds. Krista Ratcliffe and Rebecca Rickly Cresskill. NJ: Hampton Press, 2009. pp 199-211, 5497 words.

“Girls, Grrrls, Gurls, and the Tools They Use,” Feminist Collections: A Quarterly of Women’s Studies Resources, University of Wisconsin. 28.4 Fall 2007. pp 13-17, 3710 words.

“Sweet Monsters: Feminism and Blurred Gender in Rose O’Neill’s Paris Exhibition” (co-authored with James S. Baumlin) Moon City Review 2010: An Annual of Poetry, Story, Art, and Criticism, Section IV, Archival Treasures form the Ozarks. Eds. Lanette Cadle and Marcus Cafagña. Fayetteville: U Arkansas Press/ Moon City Press.

“Textual Analysis.” In Carbajal Van Horn, Marcy. Teaching with Hacker Handbooks. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2010. 4 pages, 840 words.

“Portraits of Womanhood in the Artwork of Rose O’Neill.” (co-authored with James S. Baumlin) Moon City Review 2009: An Annual of Poetry, Story, Art, and Criticism, Section IV, Archival Treasures form the Ozarks. Eds. Jane Hoogestraat and Lanette Cadle. Fayetteville: U Arkansas Press/ Moon City Press, 2009. pp 190-225, 7129 words.

“Open Source: Purpose, Practice, and Priorities,” A special focus (5 articles, 2 reviews) of a double issue of Computers and Composition Online. Eds. Lanette Cadle, Joe Erickson, and Kristine Blair. Fall 2010- Spring 2011.

Selected Publications in Poetry

The Tethered Ground: Poems. Woodley Press. September 2019.

Selected Poems

  • “Three Moons.” Harbor Review. January 2019. Issue 2: Thirst.
  • “If I Were Less Superstitious.” Flint Hills Review. August 2017. Print.
  • “The Cure” and “George Brett’s Teeth.” Menacing Hedge. Summer 2017.
  • “Burn.” San Pedro River Review. Spring annual, 2017. Print.
  • “Calculation.” Poeming Pigeon: A Literary Journal of Poetry. Spring 2017. Print.
  • “Carry Nation Returns to the Eaton Hotel at Happy Hour” and “How to Lose.” Thank You for Swallowing: Reminding mean boys that big girls push back since 2015, Election issue. January 2017. Ebook at
  • “Mechanical.” Lost River Review. Print. 2016.
  • Two Poems: “A Marriage in Six Endings and Two Beginnings” and “28 Days to a Better You’ in Gingko Tree Review, November 2016 (print).
  • Neva’s Journal and Orange in Red River Review, November 2016 (Click link on main page for November 2016 issue)
  • How to Hunt Pumpkins, finalist in The Furious Gazelle‘s annual Halloween Contest, October 2016.
  • Two Poems: A Robot’s History of Art and “Hopper’s Nighthawks: Large Ginger Car Remix” in Star*Line (print) October 2016. (“A Robot’s History of Art” is one of the “editor’s choice” poems chosen for online preview)
  • Broken Sonnet with Birds in By&By Poetry, October 2016
  • Three Poems: “Poem with a Broken Heart in the Middle of It,” “Sonnet with a Pile of Shoes in It,” and “To Marvell, in the Fall” in Rat’s Ass Review‘s 2016 anthology, Love and Ensuing Madness, September 2016
  • Two Poems: “What I Didn’t Say” and “A Window, a Horse, and a Bad Divorce” in Yellow Chair Review, September 2016
  • “Status Update” in Indian River Review (print, September 2016)
  • Crib Sheet in Stirring: A Literary Collection, July 2016
  • Snow and the Lie in Rose Red Review, Spring 2016
  • Three poems: “Human,” “Inchworm,” and “Lemmings.” In Animal Tails. Ed. Jo van Arkel. Springfield: Pencil Box Press, 2016.
  • Two poems: “Artifacts” and “Sign, Signifier, Signified.” In Elder Mountain v 6, Spring 2016.
  • My Life History as a Series of Flat Tires in The Lake, April 2016.

Selected 2015 Poems:

Publications in Science Fiction Studies

“Shadow or the Self: Neil Gaiman and Social Media.” The Artistry of Neil Gaiman, Eds. Joseph Michael Sommers and Kyle Evelet. Jackson: U of Mississippi Press , 2019.

“The Power of the Perky: The Feminist Rhetoric of Death.” Death, Desire, Fury, and Delirium: Feminism in the Worlds of Neil Gaiman. Eds. Aaron Drucker and Tara Prescott. Jefferson NC: McFarland,  2012.

Editorial Experiences

Computers and Composition Online. Acquisitions Editor 2016 – present. Senior Editor, August 2002 – 2016. One of the founding editors at CCO’s present location. Duties include solicitation of new work at conferences, editorial review of submitted work, web-authoring occasional reviews for text authors, and editorial supervision for articles personally solicited.

Moon City Press. Editor, 2008 – present. Duties include solicitation of new work, promotion of new releases, website development, and editing individual book projects. Co-judge for the Moon City Poetry Prize book contest.

Mid-American Review. Assistant Editor, August 1999 – 2002. Read submissions and selected poetry. Successfully solicited work from established poets, including Albert Goldbarth, Linda Gregg, A.E. Stallings, and Sondra Gilbert.