Upcoming Events

I will be at AWP Spring 2020 working the Moon City Press table and am interested in being part of a group reading–on or off-site. Have a spot? Let me know.


  • CCCC in Pittsburgh March 13-16, 2019! Table leader and presenter for an intellectual property-focused roundtable and also attending the IP Caucus as the vice-chair. The roundtable topic was “Is Breaking Bad? Creative Composing with Other People’s Intellectual Property” and my part was as follows:

Station One, (Re)poetry: Participants will use existing published texts (fiction, nonfiction) and make erasure poems, poetry that blocks out words and phrases in existing texts to make a completely new creation. Erasures are a current trend in literary publication that is also a good way to open discussion about IP issues in the classroom.

  • AWP March 27-30, 2019 in Portland. I worked the Moon City Press table and was part of the fabulous Menacing Hedge off-site reading, the Menacing Hedge Dinner Party Reading Jamboree. 6-10 Friday March 29 at the Bad Habit Room,  Portland, OR.


  • In May I read as part of the Moon City Press editors in Joplin at the monthly Downtown Poetry event.
  • I am one of the February 2018 30/30 poets. Wish me luck in completing a poem draft a day this February and if you like, throw a little money Tupelo Press’s way for their strong and consistent support of good poetry. Here’s my donation page.
  • I went to AWP this year in Tampa for the Bookfair March 7-10. I hope you stopped by the Moon City Press table!
  • I also presented as part of a roundtable at the CCCC (Conference on College Composition and Communication) with Missouri State colleagues and graduate students Margaret Weaver, Jennifer Murvin, Brandon Henry, and Dane Lale. D.35, “Getting Over Ownership: Blurring the Labor and Pedagogy for Composition/Creative Writing”  at 4:45 PM–6:00 PM, Thursday, Mar 15, 2018 at the Kansas City Marriott Downtown: Trianon A.
  • Also in 2018, I invited my ENG 203: Intro to Poetry students to join me in doing the April PAD Challenge. They received extra credit on a sliding scale depending on how long they lasted.