About DMAC

As usual, I hate how I look in photos and video, but this is a good interview video, taken at the Digital Media and Composition Institute. I wholeheartedly recommend their summer institute for any writing teacher who seeks more innovative teaching in 21st century literacies.

Videos featured at Potomac Review

The Potomac Review (link is to their page at Montgomery College) is a literary journal that although it is a print-journal, sees the advantages of keeping a blog in addition to its informational site. Also called The Potomac Review, the blog is far more full-featured than the community college-sponsored site, featuring writer interviews, book reviews, and frequent posts about events … Continue reading Videos featured at Potomac Review

DMAC Showcase

Hard to believe that only yesterday I was at the showcase for DMAC. There were some wonderful final projects, and I am grateful to the participants who are sharing their links so that these projects can be viewed by my classes.

Plane Truth

The plain truth about planes and commercial air travel as it is right now? I dread it, and it's not the flying part. No, this daughter of a Boeing (and Learjet) engineer still loves the actually flying, but hates the uncertainty of the scheduling and the docile herd social structure that is in place, not … Continue reading Plane Truth