Digital poem idea

Over the summer I scanned quite a few photographs from my mother's fairly extensive photo albums. I'm beginning to think that expanding the stockpile even more in preparation for a digital poem project this summer is a good idea. If I can do it at DMAC, even better.  

Lady Bears vs SIU

Another win for the Lady Bears. Here's a couple of quick clips. Video for something this fast moving can get interesting, but it's worth trying. The free throw is being shot by Katie Palmer, a freshman recruit from Heights High in Wichita. Thanks, Wichita.


Left, a fired but unglazed box that does not look like a box; center, part of a doll tea set; and right, a darner. The doll tea set was partially destroyed in a fire at the family farm. So, the tea cups are not the original pattern, but some of the saucers are.