Suiting up

Today was my day to suit up. I went on campus, signed some thesis pages, and began organizing the new projects generated by DMAC. Consequently, I don't feel like I actually did anything, but time spent planning out work is rarely wasted.

Pick me!

i just signed up to be an Explorer for Google Glass, me and a gazillion other people. The form had a drop-down menu of choices for the reason why I wanted Google Glass, but hey! I'm a writer, so I want another chance with more words. If Google is as all-knowing and all-seeing as some … Continue reading Pick me!


So much of my time seems to be taken up with organizing and prioritizing tasks. I still use a combination of iCal and Todo, although when I read on Facebook that uber-productive Cheryl Ball uses Things, I checked it out. It is much like what I use though, but without the project feature where I … Continue reading Habits