Wants Glass, Please.

This Missouri State student would love to have Google Glass. He doesn't know all it can do, but he's ready to have hands-free photos, video, texting, and email. That seems to be the big draw for most people who see me wearing it--the convenience.

DMAC bound

Thanks to the generosity of my university, I was able to borrow this sweet Macbook Pro to use at DMAC (The Digital Media and Composition Institute at Ohio State University). It's taking a while to download all those Project 365 photos and video clips, but it's getting there. I feel like an artist preparing for a … Continue reading DMAC bound


One thing I have to get used to is Glass's "wink" function. It's calibrated on setup, but try as I might, about half the time when I want it to work it doesn't, and sometimes when I'm minding my own business, it takes an unexpected photo. Here is one of them. Yes, watching soccer and … Continue reading Unexpected

Future tech now, part 1: “Where we’re going, we don’t need no road.”

Most people will recognize that quote from the end of Back to the Future. I may not get my flying car, but I am getting Google Glass. Even though I need my copies of Remediation and Lingua Fracta, I also need to be home for a package I'm expecting from Norman, Oklahoma. So, I'll do that today. Yes, … Continue reading Future tech now, part 1: “Where we’re going, we don’t need no road.”

Pick me!

i just signed up to be an Explorer for Google Glass, me and a gazillion other people. The form had a drop-down menu of choices for the reason why I wanted Google Glass, but hey! I'm a writer, so I want another chance with more words. If Google is as all-knowing and all-seeing as some … Continue reading Pick me!