Supermoon, day 2

There was too much cloud cover tonight to see the moon, and frankly, there are so many trees that the sky has a lot of competition. Here is the last tinge of day, photo taken pre-clouds.

On campus

I am trying out being on campus a bit more this summer since it is fairly peaceful and I am trying to transition back to normal faculty status. This is me walking to Siceluff, taken through Glass, which is doing a better job automatically uploading now. It also decided to Instagram the photo just for … Continue reading On campus

The greenest green

Granted, there was a little Photoshop involved here, but the colors are so intense this year due to all the extra rain that I think cameras get too smart for their own good at times and damp down actual colors. The swirling motion at the edges--well, that was just me having fun.

Filtered light

The leaves are so heavy on the trees that for part of the day the light that comes in the front window is filtered green. The colors in the photo are actual, not manipulated. Everything in the room for a few hours had a greenish tinge.