Technofeminism Project

Informed Consent: Participant

Study Title: Writing in Secret: Technofeminism and the Scholar-Creator

Principal Investigator: Lanette Cadle

I give my consent for participation in the research study “Writing in Secret: Technofeminism and the Scholar-Creator.” This study will examine online writing support groups, both public and private, that limit membership to women (defined as those who self-identify as women) and are also comfortable with or centered on feminist values. Both public and private are included to note any differences between them while also considering the reasons for those different levels of access. Ultimately, the question is, why in this day of post-third wave feminism is a private group necessary? To answer this, I may ask you to do one or more of the following:

  • Share posts or links (such as writing calls) for quotes or paraphrases in the study
  • Complete a survey
  • Face-to-face, Skype, or Facebook Messenger interview

These actions will take anywhere from under 5 minutes for giving permission to use a quote in the study to 5-30 minutes for the survey. If I agree to an interview, it will last no more than 30 minutes.

I have been informed that there are benefits for me as a participant. The survey and/or the interview gives the benefit of self-reflection, something writers value. I will also benefit from more general results from the study such as data analysis that shows how groups like this help women navigate a creative writing world that is not always a welcoming space. Additionally, I have been informed that participation in this study is voluntary and participants may withdraw from the study without penalty or loss of benefits.

I have been informed that as a participant the study has no more risk than any other normal action in everyday life. A possible risk is to the privacy that many of these groups value. To reduce that risk to the lowest possible factor, there will be special privacy measure taken. All participants will be identified by pseudonyms. For private and secret groups, pseudonyms will be used for the group names. Additionally, private and secret groups will not be identified by URL (web address). This data will be considered confidential and will be kept in a secure location until three years after the study is completed. At that time, it will be disposed.

Jf I have any questions or comments about this study, I can contact Lanette Cadle at I can also reach her through Facebook Message or as @llcadle on Twitter. Her phone number is 417-773-7780 and she has voicemail. If any problems or concerns arise during the course of the study, I may contact her.

I read and understood this document and had the opportunity to have questions answered by the Principal Investigator (Lanette Cadle). I consent to participate in the study. To begin with the survey, go to


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To show informed consent, add your signature (ink, digital, or image) and date and return it as an attached file using either email to or by Facebook Message.