Later I will write more about how my presentation went, but in the meantime, the lead story on Inside Higher Ed today entitled False Positives on Plagiarism features news about CCCC plagiarism-themed presentations and Turnitin’s former offer to fund pro-Turnitin presentations. IPBIZ has already blogged about the IHE story. On my panel, one member was promised money, but did not show when it was not forthcoming after all. Read all about it; very interesting stuff, especially the research done by the Texas Tech people, which leads the story.

The sock puppets in the photo are the ones I made to reenact the video clip I had planned to use at the start of my presentation. Many people were unable to use video projectors this time and I was very happy I had my transparencies as back up.

*3/21/09 Update* Chris Harris attended the panel and blogged about the presentation far better than I could. You can find his take on the presentation here. A colleague also told me that the IHE article was linked to the NCTE newsletter this week, something I should have noticed, but did not.

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