There may be some connection between my astonishment at the high life Microsoft interns live and the feeling of all’s right with the world anyway since at the same time, somewhere, somehow, there are animals with lightsabers. Maybe. Yes, it’s time for random nuggets of blogging gold.

First up: Ummm, Microsoft? Remember all that sotto voice ranting I did about proprietary software that doesn’t fit writing pedagogy? Luckily you’re too big to care about little ol’ me and won’t hold it against my son who’s getting a M.A. in Pop Culture when you hand out next summer’s internships. If you have a research hole for online group theory and communication studies among your many secret places, he’s the dude for thinking about MMORPGs, economics, and ethos. $4,600-$6,000 a month, a housing stipend, and relocation costs for the summer (link to the Chicago Tribune article found via Slashdot’s post entitled Microsoft interns still feel the love). would handily keep me from thinking he has gone over to the dark side.

On the other hand, if Microsoft profits truly are entering last days of Rome decadence, at least we have animals with lightsabers. They will lead the way in the fight for truth, justice, and more acorns in the forest. Found via io9, the science fiction blog, who found it via The Official Star Wars Blog, surely there is no one wouldn’t love Animals with Lightsabers? The site even supplies a lightsaber pack for those who wish to create photos of their own.

Finally, via Botropolis, the robotic Le Petit Prince is designed to keep plants alive on Mars, even if what you want is a tomato plant rather than literature’s The Little Prince’s choice of a red, red rose. This device moves on pointy legs in search of the the best light and nutrients.

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