I’m excited about my classes next semester and the unexpected ways they will interact. First, I am teaching Modern Rhetorical Theory, a blended grad/undergrad course in rhetorical theory from post-Burke to the present. Okay, I may include Burke, but who wouldn’t? At the same time, I will be teaching Intro to Creative Writing–Poetry and Intro to Creative Writing–Creative Nonfiction. Two creative writing courses and a foundational writing theory course–what a good mix.

For those students who are already excited about a course in rhetorical theory to the present-day, here are the links to the Modern Rhetorical Theory books since the bookstore doesn’t have them posted yet. THE SAGE Handbook of Rhetorical Studiesis the overview text. Of the two remaining books, Race, Rhetoric, and Technology: Searching for Higher Ground by Adam J. Banks gives a closer look at a specific consideration of rhetoric and Fragments of Rationality by Lester Faigley is, to my mind, irreplaceable and a must-read, a book that I return to every year. By the way, the lego rhetor photo is by southtyrolean and found trough a Flickr Creative Commons search.

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