National Blog Posting Month continues and so far I’ve only resorted to one LoLCat photo and one curmudgeon post. Perhaps this is the time for the blogging classic, “random nuggets of blogging gold.”

  • Speaking of gold, how about golden moments in comedy? The funny man no one seems to remember, Chris Elliot, has a new series on the horizon called Eagleheart (link to TV Squad post). I still remember the comic genius of Get a Life and the incredible comic train wreck of his movie, Cabin Boy. The guy definitely takes risks.
  •  Peg Boyle Single writes in Inside Higher Ed about a writing routine. There’s some good points made.
  •  How about memes? They used to jump from blog to blog, but these days they mainly live on Facebook. My favorite Facebook meme/quiz is still the one my son started, entitled “Are You Tom Selleck?” If you’re on Facebook, look it up and take the quiz, even if you’ve taken it before. You never know. Sure, you weren’t Tom Selleck before, But what if you are now? Play it safe and take the quiz.
  •  Johndan Johnson-Eilola on his blog, workspace, givea a link to an interview with Cory Doctorow on IP.
  • When lunchtime comes around and I’ve got nothing, it’s not the fault of Prof Hacker team member Billie Hara. If I’d listened to her, I’d now have a Bento box and be able to pack some of the glorious recipes given so far in the what’s for lunch feature. I really have to try her white chili recipe.
  • Even the odd photo above is randomly connected to the blog post concept. The photo of a gold-sniffing chipmunk is by mharrsch and was found through a Creative Commons Flickr search. What a wonderful world we live in.

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