This year, Wednesday has been the main day for Moon City Press work. I meet with my assistants (plural now!) and readers and we get stuff done and do planning for upcoming tasks and events. One thing I’ve enjoyed most is the positive energy generated by a room full of writers reading others’ work. We’ve been reading Moon City Review 2010 submissions on Wednesdays, and there is nothing like the moment when all in the room are united in a choice, when all there know that a particular story or poem  is clearly superior work that is going to knock readers two feet from Sunday. It doesn’t happen as often as I’d like, but it has happened this round.

Probably due to all that positive energy, I created the Moon City Press site today, and have just a few more things to add before it’s finished. This will be more informational than interactive. The version that has Moon City Online included will have to wait until the department site completes its Webpress conversion, which hasn’t begun yet but is slated for early 2010.

The main thing left to do now is to finish the Facebook Fan page so that I can drop  a widget onto our site that directs people to the fan page. I also have to wait for the other editors to sign off on the text I’ve written on the site, especially for the submissions guidelines page. Anyway, part of me would love to have it all live so I could link it here right now, but another day or so won’t kill me, and then I’ll have feedback in case I need to make changes.

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