One day later, I felt ready to make some changes with the sample multimodal poem. Not the poem text so much, although that may come later, but the other elements. I felt the one minute length rushed things; it was hard to read that fast and see the photos at the same time. One of my feedbacks sources said that she ignored the poem completely so that she could concentrate on the photos. She also suggested adding voiceover to put more emphasis on the poem itself since the photos were so strong.

With that in mind, I went back to iMovie and pushed the time to at least ten seconds per photo, with longer times for some, especially the end and the credits. Then I tried  a voiceover, thinking that it would be easy to delete if I didn’t like it. As it turned out, doing the voiceover was easy. The video played during recording, making it easy to synch. If I need to, I can go in and redo parts, but i think I’m happy now.

One thing I wasn’t expecting was for people not to be able to see it. The MobileMe Gallery uses Quicktime, and at least one fairly tech-savvy person sent me a tweet saying that she couldn’t see it–just hear it. I think it is because her computer defaulted to another media player, probably Windows Media Player. She has Quicktime though, so we’ll see. Both of my kids were able to view it–Paige on her Macbook and Ted with his Dell. Ted grumbled about downloading Quicktime, but seriously. It’s free. And you get to see flying cats if you have Quicktime. Argument won.

*Update* 11/24/09

I put it up on YouTube to make it more accessible. Visit my YouTube channel and watch If Cats Could Fly– inflate my number of views!

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