I love Twitter for many reasons. It is great for keeping up with what all the smart kids are doing. At times, it works better than my RSS reader for keeping up with what’s new and who’s posted to their blog. I use Facebook for that too, but it’s a bit different and has more fluff, not that there’s anything wrong with fluff. The fluff is part of its appeal. I know that some people use both as teaching tools, but I’ve  chosen not to so far. Of the two though, I see more pedagogical potential for Twitter.

That’s why I found the latest anti-tech piece in the Chronicle, this time about Twitter in the classroom, so interesting. As far as I can tell, one way to tell if a social media has finally reached legitimacy is when the Chronicle publishes a disparaging article about it. This one is not so much anti-Twitter as a cautionary tale about the dangers of students talking, i.e., rather than class being a one-way non-exchange. I think this article would be a good discussion starter for 520 this week (English Ed students)and possibly for Modern Rhetorical Theory next semester.

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