I mistyped “post” as “pest” at first, and I hope the daily posting in November hasn’t made me a pest. Blogging thirty days in a row tests the depth of my blog-commitment; doing it in November, the make-or-break month in the fall semester, is an even greater test. I can’t say it’s been easy this time. Much of what I’m busy with job-wise can’t be blogged about. On the personal side, I can’t help thinking that what I’m willing to blog about isn’t that interesting, i.e., something on a par with talking on the phone with someone while shopping. Fun for you, but not so much for the one on the other end who’s not shopping.

Here’s an attempt at a November tally. Successful Moon City Press event at Borders–yea. New MCP site and Facebook fan page–yea. Behind on grading–boo. Discussion beginning in online week for 520/629–yea. Finished unpacking my files in my new office–yea. Not sleeping well and have that feeling of much left undone–boo. Ah well. One way or another, everything will get done by the end of finals week.

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