I proposed a roundtable for the Intellectual Property Caucus based on my poetry drafting dilemma. I’ve moved to doing prompts and other drafts in a new blog space, Poetry Wars (password protected) because of the IP issue mentioned in my last entry. So, I will be at the CCCC this time, even if the panel I’ve joined doesn’t get picked.

Roundtable 7: IP, Creative Writing, and What Publishing Means

Lanette CadleMissouri State University

One of the promising developments for creative writers is the increased status given to online literary journals. With print journals becoming increasingly limited, online lit can be where the truly cutting edge fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction happens. However, how do traditional journals and their standard First North American Rights view web spaces? Where is the line? An online literary journal seems clear as prior publication, but what about blogs? What about comment drafting as in the April PAD (Poem a Day) competition on Poetic Asides? The result for some of the major print players, most notably Poetry, is to consider any web presence as prior publication, thus eliminating the work from consideration. The goal for this table is to speculate about reasonable solutions to the discontinuity between print/ web standards and generate strategies for writers who use blogs for prewriting, drafting, or metadiscourse.

The down side of moderating a table is that you can’t table hop to the other great topics, but the summary at the end and the handouts help a lot. I’m looking forward to it.

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