This post and the ones previous to this are archival and from my now defunct iWeb blog, Techsophist.


Now that I’m back from Computers and Writing, this week has been mostly organizational. I have to line up projects and due dates so that I have some chance of  getting them done. Here’s the larger ones. First up, I had to renew my CITI training so that my little Moodle study I’m doing this spring can get proposed. I haven’t done human subjects research for a few years, but this will most likely fit exempt status. I’ll know once I write it up, but for now, it will compare Moodle to Blackboard in blended Writing I classes that are part of the Gates Foundation grant for blended writing classes. I’m up to date now, so that’s done. Part of the grant prep is an eight-week online course for instructor-participants, so I will do that also this summer.

Another shorter task is to decide on subheads (features?) for my chapters  in an ethos collection. it should not take long, and the two new recommendation letters I need to write for students applying to grad school (one late, one very early) won’t take long either once I start. Starting  is always the hard part.

I am going to the Colrain Manuscript Conference this summer and I got my homework for it during Computers and Writing. The pre-conference manuscript work will take some serious thought on my part and I need to get started. I also need to start my chapter for the forthcoming edited collection, Death, Desire, Fury, and Delirium: Feminism in the Worlds of Neil Gaiman. The deadline was moved from July 1 to August, but I know about deadline creep and don’t want to be caught by it. Since they will not be taking all the chapters they accepted as abstracts, I definitely want to do this professionally and be on time.

Come to think of it, didn’t I say I would have the sample assignments for ENG 100 using Dragonspeak ready before the meeting on Tuesday? Oops. Need to do that. We got the grant to install Dragonspeak in one of the composition computer classrooms, so now I need to make sure there are good assignments ready for the instructors who will be teaching these students. We also need to update the bookstore order to include Dragonspeak or at least headphones.

Moon CIty Review 2011 is ready to proof, so that needs to be done too. I’ll useiAnnotate again and fit it in during my evenings this weekend. We are having too many poems with lines that run over and need the dropped indent, so I will also mark the ones that need to be looked at. I predict some whole-manuscript format changes to deal with this issue since the long-line trend will not end soon and placing the poem sideways is just amateurish and wrong.

Finally, abstracts will arrive in August for the upcoming Computers and Composition/ Computers and Composition Online issue that I will edit with Liz Monske. That will be exciting, and I hope most of the abstracts will let their potential article be considered for either C and C or CCO. We only have room for six C and C articles (the norm), but can accommodate quite a few wextexts.

On the personal side, sometime this summer there will be an opening at the assisted living center I’ve chosen here for my mom and I’ll move her to Springfield. Her life is getting a bit too restricted in the Wichita area, and having me closer will mean that she can get to the theater, the opera, Wednesday night church dinner, Artwalk, and all those other small things that make life interesting, like Sephora. Why do these places take them to Walgreens, but not Sephora? I’lll take her there and to the antique malls she loves so much.

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