This is a sample presentation I made for my Writing I class to show them how Prezi can be used to brainstorm. I went with Prezi because I have used it before for conference presentations and thought I could get a version of the class’s Short Project 1 done fairly quickly. Overall, I think it was successful, but I didn’t like some of the limitations. For example, no sound without a lot of file conversion word and tweaking that I simply wasn’t willing to do. So, the Garageband clip that I made of my thinking some things out loud had to be pitched. The other thing is that when Prezi says insert YouTube, they really mean YouTube only. Vimeo won’t upload, which is a shame, because the on-site Vimeo for Foursquare really is kind of nice. Otherwise, no real complaints. The Prezi is below. Click the arrow to move the presentation to the next view, or click “more” for other options.

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