Okay, I know the rest of the country has serious snow and ice age temperatures, but know this–Missouri is not to be discounted when it comes to weather. Not only are we just as scenic, we up the danger odds by not plowing or treating any but the major thoroughways and by having a huge proportion of self-entitled SUVs and 4-wheel drive pickups  who think that 4-wheel drive means swerve and barrel through at top speed (remember the untreated roads part). So, considering these factors, I now declare that for each inch of actual snow, Missouri snow counts for three.2014-01-05 snowrise

No sunrise yet, just reflected light at almost 7:00 AM.

2014-01-05 07.38.58The snow is coming down hard, but so very finely textured that it isn’t visible here. It’s now 7:40 AM.2014-01-05 07.40.23 2014-01-05 10.14.45At 10:15 AM, the snow is still coming down hard and is beginning to even out the landscape. This is a good time for the BTTF DeLorian, the one where “we don’t need no road.” I’ll keep taking a photo every few hours until it stops.2014-01-05 10.14.12

Cats really do have the right idea about what to do with snow.2014-01-05 15.01.24It’s 3:15 PM and this is when the snow was to stop. There are patches of blue in the sky, but it is still snowing.2014-01-05 bluesky2014-01-05 14.58.33 2014-01-05 15.00.18

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