Sometimes I think I’m being a bit full of myself to think anyone outside of family is following this blog at all, but if you are, it may be time to explain why all the cat pictures and for that matter, why all the boring detail photos of suburbia. I agree that it is very ordinary, and in the case of the cat photos, a bit too much like the kind of thing that gives blogging a bad name. Yes, I am doing Project 365, but there is more to it than that. I am using Project 365 to gather up stacks of photos in the same way poets gather up images for poetry. That means there will be many, many details and they will collide in unexpected ways, only not here. I will scoop up these photos and others that I don’t highlight here for several digital poetry projects. One will use the scanned photos from my mother’s family collection that I shared through Facebook. Another will focus on some aspect of suburban life. Finally, one will focus, if only tangentially, on cats. When I was taking workshop for my MFA, I was told pretty firmly that cat poems or animal poems in general just don’t work. I’m pretty sure Mary Oliver would disagree on that, and like most poems this one will do what poems do–it will be about cats but not really.

So…more cat photos–Pierre and Stella in one, and a comatose Sophie in another.



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