A big part of family and friends entertainment in the 1960s was the slide show. The plan was to lure people over for a good meal, and afterwards when they were sated and flopped on the couch and chairs like twitching fish on the shore, the slide projector and multiple trays of slides appeared.

This is a childhood memory for me. I did not take the multiple color slides or plan the vacations. I went along. I do remember that my mom used to caution my dad about “wasting film” on closeups of flowers, but I think that very lack of focus is what made his slideshows not quite as mind-numbingly awful as some others I was forced to see.

“Look–here’s Jan in front of the Acropolis. Here she is again, waving. Oh, there is our tour guide, Dimitri.”

I wonder though, if I can get this slideshow form and remix. I will have to play with that a bit. It may be all about the edges and the motion. For those who weren’t there,  it was not like Powerpoint.

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