2014-04-13 07.07.23

I have enough of a poem backlog now that I really have to send out poetry packets again. My plan was to wait until POETRY Magazine answered back on the group of poems I sent them and then use each of those poems to seed a new packet, but they haven’t responded yet, and it’s been ten weeks. Usually, they have no trouble saying no in about two weeks, so either they are slow or one of the poems is making the rounds with readers. In any case, it’s been long enough. I sent out a packet today for a special issue and will see if I can put together some more. The clover above is from my backyard, at least until the grass takes over.

*Update* They were slow getting to the poems, not taking their time deciding. I noticed after this post that the POETRY site updated to say response in three months instead of the eight weeks that was the prior claim, and that was how long it took–just over three months and a form decline for all the poems. Ah, well. I’ll try again next year.

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