As part of the “Concept in 90” project goals I set for myself, I wanted to do a sample storyboard. Rather than a planning device that acts like an outline, this storyboard would be at the end or near the end so that students could use it to analyze their project in-progress or to analyze what they feel is finished work that actually may not be finished yet. There are good templates available for pen and ink storyboarding, but I am convinced that paper assignments in general exist to be lost. I prefer a file, something that can be easily found again or even expanded later. For my end of project analysis, I used Comic Life, inexpensive  software that has been around for the  Mac for a number of years. There are also programs out there for PCs, but in the art and design world, Mac is still a primary choice when artists and writers are given a choice.

Here it is: 90 seconds in 5 pages.