I have my photo a day but no access right now. It should show up on my feed in the morning. Google changed the options for sending video and photos via “share” and I haven’t found the best option yet for media I want but may not want to immediately share via Facebook or Google+. I sometimes crop or do other things. I also take more photos than I need and like to see them on the big screen before making choices. So… maybe the auto-download will happen overnight. I can’t be sure–some have taken two days and some are close to immediate. This is the not-fun part of being in beta.

Update: Two minutes later, I have my photos. I went back to Glass and viewed each of the photos and videos I took today and deleted the ones I was certain I did not want. It’s possible that viewing all the media triggered something and started the upload to Google+. Here is today’s photo for Project 365: the grass by the downspout, completely flattened by the rain.


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