The Potomac Review (link is to their page at Montgomery College) is a literary journal that although it is a print-journal, sees the advantages of keeping a blog in addition to its informational site. Also called The Potomac Review, the blog is far more full-featured than the community college-sponsored site, featuring writer interviews, book reviews, and frequent posts about events or news in the creative writing world. This week’s post, Electric Lit: Lanette Cadle and DMAC,  is about me and my digital poetry, featuring the three videos I made at DMAC (The Digital Media and Composition Institute). I was hoping that one of the ripples outward from DMAC would be people seeing my work and thus also seeing the possibilities inherent in multimodal composition. One of my goals was to place at least one of the videos at a web journal, so having my videos featured at Potomac Review is very gratifying. The videos were meant to be seen and this will help.

Another purpose for the videos is as samples for my students  for multimodal assignments in composition and creative writing classes. I’ve been giving a digital poetry assignment to my poetry students since my first ENG 203 Honors class in 2006 and found that it was not just  an “honors” assignment; later classes took to it well also. In fact, it even went well when teaching a wholly online version of 203. Since then, I have used multimodal composition assignments is a variety of classes, including composition classes. These new videos and the process logs I wrote while creating them should help show the possibilities.

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