20140910_154045_221-EFFECTSGoogle chose this photo for its auto-awesome filtering and I have to agree, it is a lovely shot of two students at the end of their day of classes having a nice chat on Bear Boulevard, the new, official entrance block for the university, When the Visitors Center is completed, it will be the shiny clean face of Missouri State University, the first view of visiting students and parents. There is one thing wrong with this photo: the students are smoking, and since this is a smoke-free campus, that is not merely a matter of personal choice and privilege.

I went up to these students and said, “Non-smoking campus?” and got the look, which was expected. The young man informed me that smoking is allowed where they were sitting. It’s not, of course, and since my asthma is triggered by smoke, I did not engage in more conversation short of “That’s not true. You are on campus, a smoke-free campus.” I know when I’m not being listened to.

Bear Blvd.? Let’s call it Smokers Lane.



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