I subscribe to the email list Rhetsy from Collin G. Brooke and find it always gives value. Brooke recently called for lists of fives for an upcoming Rhetsy, so here is my attempt.

Five Things that Will Make a Difference (for the better!) in Your Home Life

  1. Stop putting things down “for now.” Put it away, or, if you don’t have a spot for it, make one.
  2. For every new possession, subtract an existing possession. I subtracted two until I had a place for everything. This rule led directly to my owning a Kindle.
  3. Color matters. Don’t surround yourself with things that function, yet make you cringe when you look at them. Ultimately, good design gives more value.
  4. Always keep the living room (front room) clean and tidy. The rest of the house may not be great, but this is the room unexpected visitors will see.
  5. Always have a clean bathroom. I’m pretty sure there doesn’t have to be a reason for this, but I still regret the day I didn’t let a little old lady into my house after she took me to lunch because I didn’t want her to see my bathroom. She asked, “Would you really risk me peeing my pants?” and I answered “Yes.” and went in the house. Don’t let that happen to you.

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