(Open post to see video) My poetry collection The Tethered Ground is available now. I am currently combining my several sites into one–this one. I am both a poet and a writer/editor who works in both rhetoric and composition and in creative writing. That means I have a lot of experience in both and can come to your campus and talk with students and faculty about getting published–in scholarship or creative works. I also a workshop in OWI (Online Writing Instruction) that is a stripped-down version of my semester-long graduate course. WO often graduate teaching assistants or even faculty are given online writing courses with little or no preparation and it doesn’t take long to figure out that learning the CMS and putting up some PowerPoints will not do the job. My workshop can help with that. The lit of workshops and pricing will be up soon, probably before the end of October, In the meantime, this site is very much “under construction.”

Want to review The Tethered Ground on your litmag? Let me know. Want a poetry reading? Same. Like my Facebook page for The Tethered Ground! You can also follow me on Twitter where I’m @llcadle. On Instagram I’m lanettecadle.

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