I am using this Thanksgiving to take time to breathe. The semester was so full of illness and endless catching up that I really needed a break. However, reflection shows the bad along with the good. My confession: I was considering going out and buying fat pants. Unattractive as it is, I have become that person, someone who can whine about inching back into a size 6. In the past, I would hear others who maintain weight well whimper about this and not have a lot of compassion since I saw my own situation as impossible. So, today’s the day. Back on plan and a little more compassion for those who do it every day–balance occasional treats with a consistent quick return to balanced nutrition that includes as many fresh ingredients as possible. That little whimper is a reminder to me that it isn’t all or nothing when it comes to health. Gained weight not is not a guarantee that I will soar back 145 pounds. However, this is a good time for me to track food units again and not buy the fat pants, even though size 6 is not fat. The top two magnets in the photo were my breakfast–one protein and one starch to make a breakfast tortilla: 2 eggs, I stick string cheese, low-carb tortilla, and a dash of Tabasco sauce.

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